800 Toll-Free Service

We have available for your convenience 800 toll-free Service allowing you to request an 800 number that will terminate in your home. This can be an additional convenient way for family and friends to contact you at home. Click here for a printable form you can fill out and return to the business office.

The rates for this service are as follows:

·         $3.00 monthly service fee

·         First 20 minutes of usage are Free each month

·         Additional minutes are 15¢ per minute

·         All In State and Out of State calls are billed at the same rate

Contact the business office at 515-826-3206 for additional information.

The customer is responsible for all calls placed to the customer’s 800 number, additional taxes and fees may apply.All charges will be billed on your Cooperative Telephone Exchange phone bill and a membership is required.

Need Help
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