Video Services

Cooperative Telephone Exchange offers Video service to our customers. If you have questions on how bundling can save you money on your monthly billing, please call the business office at 515-826-3206. The full channel list is available by clicking here. Click here to download the video service form.  Installation fees apply, $25.00 for the first set top box and $10.00 for each additional set top box. Additional installation fees may apply. Addtional set top boxes are available for a $5.00 monthly fee. Click here for Watch TV Everywhere subscriber authentication information.

If you experience issues with closed captioning please contact the business office at 515-826-3206 or after hours at 515-826-6206.

162 + channels in the Basic Digital Service Package is available for $71.95 per month, plus taxes.

205 + channels total in the Expanded Basic Digital Service Package is available for $89.95 per month, plus taxes.

Stereo Music Channels are included with Basic and Expanded Basic service.

Showtime, STARZHBO, Cinemax, and Adult programing are available to all customers who subscribe to the Basic service.

HD Program Service is available to all customers who suscribe to Basic and Expanded Basic service. 

DVR/PVR feature allows the recording of live tv so programs can be viewed at any time. This will also allow the subscriber to pause rewind and fast forward a live program. Contact us for details.

Pay-Per-View or PPV is currently available and must be requested.

Click here for Terms and Conditions. 

Click here for a complete user guide. 

Click here for the full channel list.

Click here for remote control information.

Click here for the remote control user guide including tv programming procedures and codes.

Click here for the full user guide flip book.

Check out information related to how we keep the costs in check, click on the link below for additional information!

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