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Programming Notices

Cooperative Telephone Exchange has made the difficult decision not to renew the Bally Sports North, Bally Sports Midwest, and the Marquee Network agreements due to expire December 31, 2023. The number of customers viewing these channels has declined, possibly due to changes in content. Bally Sports and Marquee Network offer a streaming option.

The channels listed below will be removed from the Basic Package on January 1, 2024:

Bally Sports North channels - 55 SD and 455 HD

Bally Sports Midwest channels - 56 SD and 456 HD

Bally Sports North extra Channel - 457 HD

Bally Sports Midwest extra Channel - 458 HD

Marquee Network channels - 38 SD and 438 HD

The agreements for the following channels have been renewed:

WOI ABC Des Moines Channels - 356 to 361 SD/5 HD

KCWI CW Des Moines Channels - 385, 387, 388, 389 SD/23 HD

WHO NBC Des Moines Channels - 371 to 374 SD/13 HD

NewsNation WGN Channels - 100 SD/500 HD

We are currently working on renewal agreements for the following channels:

Fox News Channel - 102 SD/502 HD

Fox Business News Channel - 112 SD/512 HD

Fox Sports 1 Channels - 50 SD/450 HD

Fox Sports 2 Channels - 51 SD/451 HD

KCCI CBS Des Moines Channels - 362 to 364 SD/8 HD

KDSM FOX Des Moines Channels - 376 to 379 SD/17 HD

If you have any questions concerning this possible change in service, please contact us at 515-826-3206.

For more information about the ongoing fight against excessive TV network fee increases please visit

Thank You,

Roger F. Anderson

General Manager

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