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When it comes to who delivers your Telephone, Internet and Video service, you have the choice. Rely on your local provider, Cooperative Telephone Exchange. 


With Cooperative Telephone Exchange, you’ll be choosing superior telephone products and service. Whether it’s local phone service or long distance, web surfing or watching TV, it’s all possible with Cooperative Telephone Exchange!


Click here for information related to services provided.



    Every customer is unique, which is why Cooperative Telephone Exchange offers a broad range of calling features to suit the needs of the individual customers. CALL FORWARDING Program all incoming calls to another number CALL FORWARDING: Busy If line is busy, calls get forwarded to another number CALL FORWARDING: No Answer If no answer, calls get forwarded to another number SELECTIVE CALL FORWARDING Program selected numbers to forward to another number When on phone and another call comes in, a special tone is heard, 2nd party can be spoken with CANCEL CALL WAITING Ability to turn off call waiting as needed THREE WAY CALLING When talking with one person, can add a third person to the call Program frequently called numbers into list, dial with just a couple keystrokes SPEED DIALING: 30 Numbers Program frequently called numbers into list, dial with just a couple keystrokes SELECTIVE CALL ACCEPTANCE Program phone to only receive calls from a selected list of numbers SELECTICE CALL REJECTION Program phone to reject any calls from a selected list of numbers CALLING NUMBER DELIVERY Upon receipt of call, the number of the person calling appears on Caller ID display CALLING NAME & NUMBER DELIVERY Upon receipt of call, name & number of person calling is displayed TOLL CONTROL WITH PIN PIN # must be keyed in prior to make any long distance calls DISTINCTIVE RINGING (SIRA) Allows you to have up to three telephone numbers on the same line with unique ringing patterns)
    Cooperative Telephone Exchange is an equal access provider of long distance service. We also have several long distance options to choose from billed to your local phone bill. Let us help you find the plan that fits your long distance needs. COOPERATIVE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE LONG DISTANCE PLANS: STATE PLANS: IN STATE CALLS - 5¢ per MINUTE* OUT OF STATE CALLS - 10¢ per MINUTE* NATIONAL PLANS: ALL CALLS - 7¢ per MINUTE* 10¢/MINUTE - $3.95 PER MONTH PLAN: One monthly charge and all calls are 10¢ per minute 14¢/MINUTE PLAN: No monthly charge - Pay 14¢ per minute, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. *With the State or National Plan you purchase from 100 up to 2000 minutes to be used 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Unused minutes do not carry over to the following month. Rates for calls made over your chosen plan minutes are 10¢ per minute. Additional Information ALL PLANS ARE BILLED ON YOUR COOPERATIVE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE PHONE BILL AND A MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. PLEASE CONTACT THE BUSINESS OFFICE AT 515-826-3206 WITH ANY QUESTIONS ON OUR CALLING PLANS. International Calling Information
    We have available for your convenience 800 toll-free Service allowing you to request an 800 number that will terminate in your home. This can be an additional convenient way for family and friends to contact you at home. Click here for a printable form you can fill out and return to the business office. The rates for this service are as follows: $3.00 monthly service fee First 20 minutes of usage are Free each month Additional minutes are 15¢ per minute All In State and Out of State calls are billed at the same rate Contact the business office at 515-826-3206 for additional information. The customer is responsible for all calls placed to the customer’s 800 number, additional taxes and fees may apply. All charges will be billed on your Cooperative Telephone Exchange phone bill and a membership is required.


the terms and conditions governing local telephone service provided by Cooperative Telephone Exchange have changed.

Customer Notice   >

Explains the changes related to local telephone service terms and conditions

Standard Agreement   >

For local exchange service

Terms and Conditions   >

For Telephone, Broadband, and Cable Television Services.



Federal Government Lifeline Program for Low-Income Telephone Assistance is available at Cooperative Telephone Exchange. This is a Lifeline-supported service that only eligible consumers may enroll in. Consumers must complete an Iowa Lifeline Assistance Certification Form and provide supporting documentation. This program is limited to one benefit per household, wireline or wireless. Lifeline is a government benefit program and consumers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment or barred from the program.

Contact the business office for details on Low Income Telephone Assistance Program.


Cramming is the practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive charges on a customer's telephone bill. Cooperative Telephone Exchange offers Third Party Blocking, Toll Blocking or Toll Limitation services. Third Party Blocking will help prevent the placement of unauthorized charges on customer telephone bills, an unlawful and fraudulent practice referred to as “cramming”.  To detect these unauthorized charges, Cooperative Telephone Exchange separates all Miscellaneous Charges and Credits on the toll statement of each bill, which allows customers to define legitimate “telecommunication charges” from “cramming”. 

Cooperative Telephone Exchange cannot guarantee ALL Third Party calls will be blocked.

Stanhope Exchange

Voice Service (COAL) $20.00

FCC Access Charge $6.50

E911 Surcharge $1.00

ARC Charge $2.47

Total $29.97

Kamrar Exchange

Voice Service (COAL) $21.00

FCC Access Charge $6.50

E911 Surcharge $1.00

ARC Charge $1.47

Total $29.97



Digital Service Package

162+ Channels


Stereo Music Channels

HD Program Service


+ tax


Digital Service Package

205+ Channels


Stereo Music Channels

HD Program Service


+ tax


Cooperative Telephone Exchange offers high definition video service to our customers.

Premium Add-Ons

Add these Premium channels to your Basic or Extended

Digital Service Package







Add Cinemax + any other premium for $24.95/month

Additional Features:



This feature allows the recording of live tv so programs can be viewed at any time. This will also allow the subscriber to pause rewind and fast forward a live program. Contact us for details.


Pay-Per-View (PPV) is currently available and must be requested

TV Remote

Installation Fees:

Additional set top boxes

First set top box

Each additional set top box

watchTVeverywhere  >

Click above to login or register.

Interested in

If you experience issues with closed captioning please contact the business office at 515-826-3206 or after hours at 515-826-6206.




Broadband Service



Broadband Service



Broadband Service


Office of a web design company

Protect Yourself with


80% of computer users aren't aware that they have spyware programs on their computers.

63% computer users have experienced at least one problem associated with spyware or viruses in the past year.

The majority of anti-virus programs are not updated or set up properly.

Now there's help with SecureIT Plus from Cooperative Telephone Exchange.  SecureIT Plus provides the only fully automated and guaranteed computer protection service designed for your home or small business.

No more wasting your time trying to pick the right products, installing them yourself, ensuring they remain updated, and keeping up with the increasing number of Internet threats.

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Based on our Terms and Conditions, CTE requires local telephone service with internet service.

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